Creativity in all pursuits

Art and aesthetics in everyday life

My love of art started at a very young age and shapes everything I do, from my hobbies to my hustle, in what I create and how I present myself every day. 

Whether I’m making fine art, designing a logo, baking a cake or simply getting dressed, I take the same care to create something beautiful.

Melissa wearing a rainbow of colors and smiling.



Art you can eat

Applying fine art techniques to a very sweet canvas, my cakes are bright, whimsical and one-of-a-kind.

Art & Design

Mixed media, fiber art and graphic design

I experiment in a variety of media, including embroidery, acrylic paint, watercolor, printmaking and more. I am part of the Persisters feminist art collective and create art on themes like politics, health and self love. 

In addition to fine art and crafts, I am a graphic designer, creating branding, posters, promos and illustrations.

See Art


Self expression through fashion and design

My wardrobe and surroundings reflect my aesthetics and values, with bold, colorful and creative clothes and interior decor.