My cakes are featured in the University of Alaska Southeast literary and arts journal Tidal Echoes! 

I submitted photos of some of my favorite cakes from the past year to the journal and found out in mid-March that I had been selected to be published! 

I’m in great company with talented writers and artists, including featured visual artist Lily Hope, whose art I love (and sometimes wear). I’m also a big fan of her as a human in general. 

On the topic of Lily, I was honored that she asked me to model her Black Lives Matter Allies arm band, woven in Chilkat technique and modified from Alison Bremner‘s art.

Yes, this post is ostensibly about me being published in Tidal Echoes, but it has now evolved into a Lily Hope appreciation post and I’m not mad about it. Go check out her art, buy yourself some earrings and join me in the fan club.  

Oh, and you can pick up a copy of Tidal Echoes online at or at a handful of shops around Juneau and Southeast Alaska.