Cake commissions

The Bake Shop

Whether you’re new to the site or you’ve placed an order before, when you go to commission a cake, you’ll now bop over to a Square powered site, where you can include details about your order within the e-commerce model.

Square payments

I’ve tested out a number of ways to accept payments for cake orders and run into countless challenges. Square is a trusted, reliable payment service which is good news for both of us!

Why the change(s)? As my baking hobby has grown into a business, I’ve needed to find ways to streamline the business processes so I can spend more time doing what I love — making you delicious, beautiful cakes! At first I was able to take orders and accept payments casually, but it became difficult to keep track of requests across multiple platforms and to keep up with payments and taxes. For a while, I tried to use both Square payments for in-person orders and the built-in e-commerce platform within WordPress, but keeping up with different payment systems made bookkeeping more challenging and the built-in e-commerce platform caused site outages that meant orders may not get through, plus managing transactions on the back end was a true nightmare. While it’s not ideal to send you to a separate site or to accept payments without guarantee a commission will be accepted, this is currently the most effective way for me to manage the financial side of things without sacrificing my mental health or turning down more cake orders. 

Please note, if you submit an order and payment for a commission I am unable to accept, I will refund you! 

Thank you for your patience and understanding as my business practices evolve, and also if I’m a little slow to respond to emails, process transactions or send off invoices. 

Feel free to email me with any questions!